Brake servicing and maintenance with original Bosch parts

Brakes are among the most important parts of your vehicle. Ensuring your brakes are correctly maintained will significantly reduce the distance your car needs to come to a stop - and increase the safety of your vehicle. With every service, your AutoCrew garage will thoroughly check your brakes and brake fluid.

It is highly likely that Bosch parts will be built into the braking system of your vehicle. Bosch offers a complete product range, from individual components to complete braking systems, consisting of mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components. All the parts are manufactured to work perfectly together.

You can be sure that your AutoCrew garage will only use quality parts, and where possible, Bosch parts.

Brake fluid is just as important because it transmits the power from the brake pedal to the brakes. If the brake fluid is too old or dirty, the efficiency of the brakes can be reduced by up to 90%. In the worst case, this can lead to the vehicle having practically no braking effect. Therefore, the timely replacement of the brake fluid is a critical for your safety.